This is broken_coda...you'll never know what I actually look like!
loves:art,music,anime,drawing comics,cloudy weather,writing,shonen manga,sleep,sweets,graphic design,nature,astronomy,British comedies,Korean dramas
hates:getting up early,intolerance,obnoxious people,math,mixing different types of food,sports,people with no sense of humor,pop music
bands:Andrew Bird,The Avalanches,FAKE?,Dir en Grey,Radiohead,Incubus,Gregory & the Hawk,The Parlor Mob,Casker,Nujabes,and way more than that.
manga/anime:Gintama,Katekyo Hitman Reborn,Kuroshitsuji,Bleach,Samurai Champloo,Junjou Romantica,Dogs,Jackals,Princess Tutu,Fruits Basket,D.Gray-Man,Hana-Kimi,Death Note and more
about:broken_coda is the crazy mastermind behind this whole comic.When she's not drawing she can usually be found lazing around the house saying random things that make her look insane,listening to music,biking,or maybe actually doing something constructive(but it is very unlikely at this point).