Adam Nicolai Sinclaire
loves:peace & quiet,indie films,books,coffee,his space,his car,dogs,the color green,tv dramas
hates:chaos,confusion,Kain,his job(sometimes),traffic,the bus(public transportation in general)
bio:Adam,in one word,can best be described as a spaz.His uptight nature,lack of control when flustered,and overall OCD tendencies don't really qualify him as the calmest person in the word.His dry wit and sarcastic remarks grate on the nerves of family,and co-workers alike,and with a suspicious nature and a severely bad temper Adam is a force to be reckoned with.But for all his bitching he can be a good guy-when you get to know him.

Dorian Alexander Harper(now Dorian Sinclaire due to marriage)
hair:black(but he dyed it)
loves:music,his motorcycle,alcohol,cigarettes,horror movies,crazy graphic novels,tattoos,and sex
hates:uptight people,sleep depravation,hangovers,whiners,onions,his dad,stoners,posers
bio:Dorian is the quintessential bad boy in our story.For all his 24 years of life he's been in and out of trouble and in the process been the object of all women's and sometimes men's affections.Never one to turn down a good time,laws and the police be damned,he's got a taste for liquor,an eye for good company,and an ear for music.Despite his scary apperance he does have a pretty good heart,and is more than willing to help out those less fortunate than himself...for the right price.

Noah Logan Grey
eyes:dark brown
loves:teasing Sinclaire,women,British comedies,comic books,his computer,his mp3 player,football,donuts
hates:people who takes themselves too seriously,snakes,having his hair pulled,liars
bio:Noah takes on the part of the quirky,wise cracking partner with relative ease.Not one to start a fight he would rather laugh off a bad situation rather than beat someone up.Tormentor of Adam,resident comedian,and overall spaz he's a generally good natured guy with a heart of gold and two back teeth to match.

eyes:dark brown
loves:high art,money,pissing off the police,teasing Sinclaire
hates:the police,authority figures,getting caught,being outsmarted
bio:Not much is known about the enigmatic Kain other than the fact that he's a thief of high art,and that he has an odd fascination with bothering Sinclaire.For months he's outwitted the police,and driven many of them to drink(Sinclaire included).But Sinclaire is hot on his trail and it's only a matter of time before he's caught.

Judah Christopher Benedict(aka Jude)
hair:dark brown
loves:his bass,the band,winning,cigarettes,parties,the beach,music,boxing
hates:ignorant people,jpop,getting up early,sweet things,fangirls(in any way,shape,or form)
bio:Jude is the hot headed bassist of the band,and Dorian's best friend since High School.For all his eternal bitching and inability to stay calm when someone pisses him off he does have a somewhat sensible side.Never one to back down from a fight Jude has instilled fear in the hearts of many and gained quite the reputation as resident badass.But there is a softer side to Jude...we have yet to find it though.

Adrian Shaw Drake
loves:total control,teasing Sinclaire,his job,chocolate,the color purple,trains,obscure bands,whips,leathers and chains,yaoi manga
hates:poorly written fanfiction,weepy ukes,lack of control,disorder,brussel sprouts,mismatched socks,eraser smudges
bio:Drake is a control freak.If there's one thing he won't tolerate it's other people trying to take the lead.It can be anything from being the facilitator on a group project to who wears the pants in the relationship...if it means more control he will always go for it(even if he hurts some feelings in the process).But not many people know that under that cold,overly controlling,smiling yet slightly scary facade...he's also a raging pervert with an S&M fetish(although I don't see how that helps his case).

Douglas Lee Clark
loves:his wife,his kids,cats,being lazy,joking around,hiking,pancakes
hates:slackers,humiliation,a dirty car,Mondays,tardiness,closed spaces,pain
bio:Douglas Lee Clark is the chief of police,and a damn good one if you ask him.Although his lack of action at times,and odd habit of engaging in phone sex with his wife of 14 years doesn't really make him out to be the most suited for the job,his analytical mind,and ability to make tough decisions in a pinch make up for anything he might lack...mostly.