Q:Has Adam ever been beaten up for his bitchyness by anybody?
A:Ooh yeah,in High School he was beaten up on a regular basis for his bitching.When he got into College he actually learned to fight back(but he still lost sometimes).

Q:I'm just assuming here,but if Dorian had to choose a strange sex kink between him and Adam,what would it be?
A:Dorian has a couple kinks...but he enjoys bondage the most(he likes to feel in total control when in bed...he also said he wouldn't mind using chocolate sauce in some way)

Q:What's Grey's favorite donut besides jelly filled!?
A:Grey loves apple fritters followed closely by plain old cake donuts

Q:What inspired you to start this comic?
A:I knew that I wanted to do another BL comic(but a longer one than the last one I did)and one night as I was trying to fall asleep the plot just popped into my head.I already had rough sketches of the characters that are in the story now,and I thought I should put them to good use and put them in this story.But I think the main thing that inspired me to do this was the fact that I wanted to do something fun to take my mind off my other comics and that's how it came about.

Q:What is Dorian's original hair color?

Q:Do our lovely boys(or men)Dorian and Adam use boxers or briefs?Or is Dorian always going commando?
A:Dorian is strictly a boxers kind of guy but he will sometimes go commando(but this usually only happens when he forgets to do his laundry).Adam on the other hand wears briefs almost all the time(although he has a couple pairs of boxers and he hardly ever goes commando because unlike Dorian he always does his laundry on time...Dorian hates doing laundry).